Dealing With Tinnitus Naturally

Tinnitus is an ear disorder where one hears certain sounds inside the ears. Most people with this disorder confuse the sounds with external sources such as ringtones. Various tinnitus patients hear different sounds from whistling, buzzing, or chirping. It’s a severe problem, as one of the latest studies on this show, around 20% of Americans experience the condition. While for some, the state heals itself in a week or so, some patients find it difficult to concentrate on the sound interfering internally.

Most people stay at home and suffer alone, thinking there is little that can be done. But that’s a misconception! Today, there are a variety of solutions to remedy the condition; it’s not a perfect problem. However, before any treatment is administered, the doctor will have to determine the root of the symptoms.

At the time, the problem is caused by age-related issues like hearing loss or vascular disease. It can also be led by exposure to loud noises, mostly in the industrial job site, using heavy equipment or firearms. Another cause can be using headphones on high volume. Another way the problem can occur is because of earwax build-up, a neck or head injury, or some prescription for treating a different condition.

How to deal with Tinnitus

One the doctor figures out what is the cause of your Tinnitus, it’s easier to decide on the best remedy for your situation. The remedies include:

Hearing Aids

If you’re suffering from hearing loss and it’s causing you to develop Tinnitus, then hearing aids might be the best approach. The device is a powerful weapon for hearing loss as it helps your ears and the hearing system to focus better on the external acoustics. That helps in distracting your hearing from concentrating with the racket sounding inside your head.

Sound machines

One problem faced by tinnitus patients is insomnia due to the sounds. One way of helping them sleep is by using sound machines designed to produce natural environment sounds such as shore waves, rain, waterfall, noisy current, and more. Most patients prefer white noise.

Stress reduction

Another well to manage Tinnitus is by administering stress-reducing medicines. Some patients recover from Tinnitus by taking small doses of anti-anxiety and antidepressants. Others prefer exercising and relaxation therapy. Meditation also helps, but only for a few as the sounds tend to cause distractions. (

Another way is listening to stress-reduction sounds like playing random sounds that relax your mind for better focus past the annoying tones. (

Prevention of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a problem that goes in hand with hearing loss; it can be permanent or irreversible. That’s why it’s crucial to prevent it. One way of doing this is by ensuring you wear the right gear like earplugs while working in a job site with a high noise level. It’s also crucial to wear a bike-riding helmet. You can also use a phone sanitizer, a small passive device built with capabilities of blocking electromagnetic waves from the phone’s antenna. (

Final verdict

The bottom line is, you must involve your doctor in every step you take to deal with Tinnitus. It might seem like a small problem today, and become a significant issue tomorrow. Use preventive measures to keep your ears safe.